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Drum Accessories

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Drum Lid Ref: DL1 - Loose Fit

This drum cover is designed to keep debris or water off the top of drums and improve housekeeping.

Drum Funnel with Lid - DF1

An extra-large capacity funnel with integrated hinged lid, high sides and ribbed surface to allow filters etc. to drain; it is fitted with a metal debris strainer and the funnel sits over the rim of the drum and is therefore suitable for use with both open or closed head 205ltr drums.

IBC Funnel for use with 1000ltr IBC - DF200

This IBC funnel with lid and integral debris strainer makes it easy to collect and decant liquids. Manufactured from 100% polyethylene it has broad chemical compatibility and is robust and easy to clean.

Drum Funnel for use with closed head 205ltr drums - BT75

Rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene this funnel has a debris strainer, its spout locates into the 50mm opening in the drum allowing spill free decanting.

Drum Cover for use with 205ltr drums tight fit - DL2

This durable and flexible, tight fit drum cover keeps debris and or water off the top of 205ltr drums and improve housekeeping.

Drum Funnel plug for use with BT75 - BT75PLUG

A plug (chain not included) designed to allow you to seal the funnel (BT75) and utilize it as a dip tank to clean contaminated parts in.

Drum Tray BT50

A tough and durable drum drip tray ideal for standing a 205ltr drum in to catch drips and spills caused during filling or dispensing. It is also suitable for storing lead acid batteries and has 50ltr capacity.

Drum & IBC accessories; a range of funnels and drum top covers that will improve housekeeping and help keep water and debris out of expensive products. Manufactured in the UK these rotationally moulded products have excellent compatibility with most chemicals.